“My time at the training centre has been a very good experience. I have learnt many skills in which I would like to take into my future, going from early stages from little pieces of brickwork, to the bigger stages of brickwork and blockwork. I have built many walls in which I never thought I would of managed to do. I have met many friends and hope to keep in touch.”


“I have really enjoyed my time here. All the staff are amazing and have really helped me. I would definitely recommend this place.”


“The training centre is very good & reliable, I would highly recommend anyone to attend. I have learnt a variety of skills which I have progressed with throughout the course. The centre also helped me pass my CSCS card first time. The centre is very committed to helping young people willing to work in the construction industry.”


“During my time at the training centre I have gained great skills and knowledge in construction. I would strongly recommend the centre to anyone. They have helped with keeping me engaged and getting work done. Much appreciated, thank you!”